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Chronic Pain Coaching

You are the solution to your pain problem!

Your body is not broken.
Your pain isn't just in your head.
And you do not have to suffer forever!

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Chronic pain is more than physical; it's personal.

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Reclaim safety in your mind and body holistically.


You may have been told these symptoms will never go away. But science says that's not true!

Body Amor Wellness offers individual and group coaching programs to help you fix your pain problem. If you are experiencing anxiety, overwhelm and frustration due to mind-body symptoms like, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, pelvic pain, IBS, our programs can help you resolve your pain!  At Body Amor Wellness, clients improve their overall well-being and heal stress-induced physical pain using Pain Reprocessing Therapy, science-backed mindfulness techniques, and personal growth coaching tools.


Begin your holistic healing journey with Body Amor Wellness by scheduling your free consultation today!

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We help people recover from stress-induced mind-body symptoms, so they can live purposeful, embodied lives.

Body Amor Wellness was made by and for chronic pain Warriors. We know what it's like to fight pain, stress, and anxiety. You've tried all the traditional body-based treatments, yet nothing seems to fix your pain problem. We teach you the mind-body approach to reclaim safety in the nervous system and rewire the brain to heal neuroplastic pain.

What Clients Say
"This program taught me the importance of tending to my own needs without feeling guilty for it. Now I know how to pay attention to my body's signals before reaching emotional burnout." 
-LaRhonda S.

Relieve pain and live without strain.

Sign up for the Pain Reprocessing Therapy Program!

Chronic pain is more than just physical. 

Learn how to build a stronger mind-body connection, regulate the nervous system, and heal pain triggers to change the way you think, perceive, and experience chronic symptoms.

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What behavioral patterns are keeping you stuck in pain?

Take our pain quiz now to find out.

In just three minutes, identify the lifestyle habits and thought patterns keeping your nervous system stuck in the chronic pain cycle.

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Hi Warrior, I'm Amari!

You are stronger than your pain!

My chronic pain journey began in 2017 when a wall came crashing down my body. As a physical therapy assistant, I trusted many traditional methods to treat my pain. However, nothing provided full recovery to my low back, neck, and hip pain.


So, I took radical acceptance of my pain and decided I would not wait for the pain to go away before I had healthy relationships, worked on my personal growth, or found small enjoyments in life. First, I began reading pain management books to get through my daily tasks as a full-time student, retail manager, and part-time PT assistant. After a few months, I stumbled upon various scientific studies, listened to podcasts, and read books by Alan Gordon, Dr. Schechter, Dr. Schubiner, and Ozanich. I've since earned certifications in Alan Gordon's Pain Reprocessing Therapy Training, life coaching, naturopathy, and personal training.


Today, I am 100% recovered because I learned the value of addressing hidden triggers, soothing the inner child, setting healthy boundaries, authentically expressing my emotions, experiencing joy, and practicing self-love. I have helped my clients take this same approach in my programs, and so can you!

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