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3-Step Guide to
Break the Chronic Pain Cycle

Focusing on just the physical, won't fix your pain problem.

Beating chronic pain syndrome requires you to focus on the self, the science, and the source of your human pain. 

By the end of this guide, you'll be able to...

Use Quick and Easy Techniques to Reverse Pain

Simple, holistic tools used to reclaim calm and safety when the nervous system gets trapped in fight, flight or freeze mode.

Practice Self-Reflection to Heal from Stress and Trauma Overload

Chronic pain can cause emotional, mental, and social trauma. Reflect and acknowledge your journey to begin healing with more compassion and patience.

Banish Fear, Stress and Overwhelm Surrounding Flare-Ups

Ever feel like the pain is too big and too powerful to fight? Create a personalized plan to will help you stay proactive against flare-ups. 

Identify Daily Triggers that Promote Physical Pain

Pain science education to teach you how to connect stress, trauma, emotions, and mindset to physical wellbeing.

Learn to beat chronic pain syndrome & become resilient against fear, stress and overwhelm.

What's Inside:

3-step process to identify your pain triggers, soothe the nervous system, and fight chronic pain!

  • -Pain Science Education (made easy):​

  • -Self Coaching Techniques

  • -Reflect, Reset, and Restore 7-Day Journal  

  • Special Discount Offer!​

Plus Access to:

  • (1) One-on-One Clarity Call 

"Breaking the Chronic Pain Cycle"
is an essential workbook for chronic pain Warriors

Ever feel like your pain is BIGGER than you? Has the fear of pain become so overwhelming that it feels like has taken control of your mind, body, and spirit.

The ferocious cycle of chronic pain ends here! This workbook will guide you to a deeper understanding of why pain manifests and how to take back control of your life.

Get to the core of what's causing your pain today, and reclaim safety, strength, and self-compassion today!

About Amari Dior

Chronic Pain Coach

Amari is a certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy and life coaching. She earned her B.S. in Kinesiology and other health certifications in naturopathy and inflammation. She became passionate about holistically healing chronic pain when a wall came crashing on her body in 2017. Frustrated with chronic pain and the disappointment of temporary and partial relief, Amari decided to continue her studies to find the answer to what was preventing her recovery.


While working with other Chronic Pain Warriors in physical therapy clinics as an assistant and post-physical therapy trainer, she realized more people like her needed an extended level of care that was not commonly offered, like chronic pain coaching. For years while studying holistic methods to relieve pain, she began sharing her successful methods. These include soothing the nervous system, boosting resilience against stress, adopting mind-body techniques.

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