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Welcome to the Healing Talk Circle

Free webinars to help Chronic Pain Warriors learn mindbody techniques and neuroplastic pain science to heal chronic physical  emotional, and mental pain. Webinars are held weekly on the Body Amor Wellness Instagram page on Friday's at 12:30 pm PST.

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Live Webinar with Amari Dior and Pierre-Etienne Vannier

February 1, 2022

Need clarity on what's keeping you stuck in the chronic pain cycle?

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Speak with us today to get a clear understanding of your pain triggers and how chronic pain coaching can help you heal mind-body syndrome and neuroplastic pain.

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Chronic Pain  & Mind-Body Healing Live Webinars

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Tune in on Friday's at 12:30 pm PST for free weekly webinars hosted by chronic pain coach,  Amari Dior!

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