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Pain Reprocessing Therapy

Say goodbye to chronic pain and fear!


Begin your personalized, one-on-one coaching program to get the guidance and education needed to break free of fear-avoidance behaviors, overcome triggers, and reverse neuroplastic pain for good!

The PRT Process


1. Reattributing the Cause of Pain

Take on a new perspective of why your pain exists. Neuroplastic pain is temporary and can be curable! Build a case with your coach by gathering personal evidence to prove your pain is neuroplastic.

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2. Breaking the Pain-Fear Cycle

Pain is a danger signal and is fueled by fear. When we respond to pain with fear, it keeps the brain stuck in fight, flight, or freeze mode. Learn to change your relationship to pain by changing your response to sensations.

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3. Reintroducing Activity and Joy

Safely reintroduce sensations and activities through somatic tracking and planning. Then, rewire the brain with corrective experiences to solve your pain problem and get back to doing things you enjoy!

PRT Process

To get rid of neuroplastic pain, we need to look at the reason the brain misinterprets safe signals in the first place. [Then] we can focus on preventing it."

-Alan Gordon 

How do I know this treatment will work for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, this program is for you:​

  • Has your nervous system been stuck in fight, flight, or freeze? 

  • Have you tried countless body-based treatments that fail to help you break away from your symptoms? 

  • Do you constantly think about your pain and become frustrated about how pain has altered your way of living? 

  • Do you worry about the future and desperately await improvement in your overall wellbeing?

Pain Reprocessing Therapy will help you change your relationship to your symptoms to reclaim safety in the mind and body. By using a mind-body approach, you can overcome fears about pain (mental, emotional, and physical) and fix your pain problem- for good! 

What types of symptoms can PRT cure?

  • Chronic Pain

  • Low Back Pain 

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Pelvic Pain

  • Migraine

  • IBS

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Long Covid 

  • and many more

Have more questions? Speak with Amari today to get clarity on your symptoms and how PRT can help you! Click the button below to schedule a free consultation!

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Pain doesn't have to last forever.

Rewire the brain and fix chronic pain!

Trained and certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy by the Pain Psychology Center.

Virtual coaching for all Warriors with mind-body symptoms/ TMS/ PPD.

What's Included in the PRT Program:

  • One Hour Zoom Sessions

  • (10 sessions per package)

  • Somatic tracking and Mindfulness Techniques

  • Personalized TMS Resources

  • Weekly email check-ins

Meet your coach

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Hi, my name is Amari! A chronic pain coach and fellow Warrior dedicated to helping you feel better and live better!


As your coach, I will challenge your limiting beliefs, hold a safe space to help you fight your fears, and provide PRT-based guidance to help you fix your pain problem! 

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