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Chronic Pain
Coaching Programs

Which program best suits you?

Do you prefer to dive right into a proven bundled program? Or do you prefer to ease yourself into new healing protocols with pay-as-you-go sessions?

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Pain Reprocessing Therapy-
(5-week Program)

Throughout ten sessions, you will gather self-data that supports proof of neuroscience pain, safely address triggers, challenge limiting belief systems, and reintroduce movement to rewire the brain. At the end of this program, clients have a new understanding of the cause of their pain, how to overcome the fear of symptoms, and how to use efficient tools to reset the nervous system and resolve pain.

Guided Meditation

Somatic Tracking Session

Speak with Amari about the triggers you'd like to face and get clarity on how to move forward. Then practice this mindfulness technique to your begin reclaiming safety! Learn how to observe your sensations with curiosity and ease to soothe the nervous system and change your relationship to pain. By practicing somatic tracking, clients can reclaim safety in their minds and body to begin fixing their pain problems for good!

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