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Chronic Pain Coaching

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Get clarity on your pain problem today!

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Are you constantly stressed, frustrated, or anxious because of chronic pain?


Speak with coach Amari Dior to clarify what daily habits and triggers are holding you back in your healing journey. On this 45-minute free call, you will get customized expert tips that will help you move forward and begin healing neuroplastic pain!

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-Esther B.

"Amari is incredibly knowledgeable and great to talk to! If you choose to work with her you will be in good hands!"

-Gary V.

"We had an excellent and long conversation. I felt heard and the program was explained thoughtfully to me."

Renee C.

"...I can tell her where I’m experiencing pain and she has a remedy. I know I’m in good hands! She cares and I’m grateful."

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Get clarity today!

Chronic pain is more than just physical; it's personal. Speak with Amari today to learn what daily habits and fear patterns trigger your nervous system to feel unsafe and prolong chronic neuroplastic pain!

Who can benefit from this call the most?

This clarity call will primarily benefit those who suffer from mind-body symptoms such as tension headaches, chronic fatigue, IBS, low back pain, fibromyalgia, pelvic pain, anxiety, or long covid. These chronic conditions, deemed "medically unexplained," are most likely caused by unresolved trauma, stress, or psychological factors.

Schedule a call today to identify your hidden triggers and get clarity on what changes you can make now to reduce pain, anxiety, and overwhelm!

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