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Chronic Pain Warriors for Chronic Pain Warriors!​

The Body Amor Wellness approach stems from life coach & CEO Amari Dior's studies in university as a Kinesiology graduate, years of experience working with clients in physical therapy clinics, studied literature and courses on Mindbody Syndrome, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and holistic healing methods for chronic pain relief.


At Body Amor Wellness, we recognize chronic pain as a biopsychosocial disorder. Chronic pain does not persist because it is incurable. Your pain has become chronic because the brain is misinterpreting safe signals as dangerous. After prolonged exposure to stress, anxiety, and repressed emotions, the brain becomes hypersensitive and pain becomes chronic due to learned neural pathways.

The Chronic Pain Coaching Programs at Body Amor Wellness serve as a guide to help you address triggers, challenge fear-based behavioural patterns, and create personalized mind-body techniques to sooth the nervous system and rewire the brain. By the end of the programs (whether one-on-one or group), clients have adopted a new understanding of the brain's role in their symptoms, use this knowledge to proactively reclaim safety in the mind and body, and rewire neuroplastic pain.

To learn more about our programs and choose which plan is best fitted to your needs, click the link to the right to schedule complimentary consultation!


According to the Psychophysiologic Disorders Association, "30-40% of primary care patients suffer from pain symptoms and chronic conditions that are medically unexplained...Research has shown that physical pain doesn’t just come from injury or disease in the body."


When we navigate life, constantly exposed to psychological stress with a lack of support, proactive coping methods, and self-love, the nervous system becomes overwhelmed and over-sensitized. Neutral emotional and physical sensations are then interpreted as dangerous, sending the nervous system into fight/flight/freeze mode and triggering physical pain.


Luckily for many chronic pain Warriors, stress-induced chronic pain (also be referred to as Mindbody Syndrome, TMS, or neuroplastic pain) can be reversed! The Body Amor Wellness coaching programs serve as a guide to help you focus on the root of your pain problem, the nervous system.


Click the button to the left to learn more about our Pain Reprocessing Therapy program. Get the guidance you need to address hidden stressors, soothe the nervous system, and rewire the brain to cure chronic pain! 

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