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The Neuro-Pathway Training Group Program

Learn skills-based, mind-body tools to heal TMS and become more resilient against stress, triggers, and self-doubt today!

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What is the Neuro-Pathway Training Program?

The Neuro-pathway Training Program is a 6-week group program that teaches skills-based mindbody tools to TMS and Chronic Pain Warriors who want to boost their resilience against stress, overwhelm, and negative self-talk to heal chronic symptoms. 


Whether you are newly diagnosed with TMS or have been dealing with chronic pain for a while, the Neuro-pathway Training Program will give you tools to deal with hidden stressors, pain triggers, and nervous system dysregulation. This program gives you the power, resources, and confidence to reclaim safety in your mind and body, so you can take your holistic healing to the next level.

Retrain the brain to heal from pain!

By the end of this program, you'll be able to...

Use Skills-Based Techniques to Heal Mind-body Symptoms

Quick and easy methods to effectively strengthen the mind-body connection and heal chronic pain symptoms.

Boost Confidence  and Safely Release Emotional Build-Up

Learn to resource strength from within to set boundaries, express your thoughts, and stay aligned with your core values.

Develop New Neuro-Pathways to Fix Pain Triggers

Change the way your nervous system responds to mental, emotional, and physical triggers through mindfulness, somatic tracking, and safely reintroducing activity.

Overcome Stress, Trauma, and Fear

Use mindfulness techniques to boost resilience against experiences that cause emotional, mental and physical strain.


"Amari,I loved everything you had to offer your compassion,care,and safe space you held for us all was amazing...Im beyond grateful for all the tools and confidence you have taught us and to believe in myself.Thanks so much❤"

-Stephanie E.

"[The most helpful part of this program to help decrease stress, pain or fear was] having the chat in the app, YouTube videos, somatic tracking & body scan."

-Zaina B.

Watch this video to learn more!

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Is this program right for me?

During the program you will be guided to find hidden stressors and unhealthy coping mechanisms that may be hindering your healing journey. Over 6 weeks, the tools you practice will help form new, efficient neural pathways to overcome stress, overwhelm, and chronic pain. This group program will be beneficial to you if any of the following apply:

  1. You have TMS, or mindbody symptoms and journaling away your pain hasn't been enough to get rid of your pain

  2. You deal with a boatload of stress daily in your personal and/or professional life and need help getting your head above the water 

  3. You experience frequent flare-ups and you want to find a more proactive way to respond to your chronic pain symptoms.

  4. You often feel overwhelmed, afraid of your pain and worry about your future. 

  5. You experience racing thoughts, poor attention and memory, anxiety, emotional outbursts, insomnia, digestive problems, and/or chronic pain- all signs of a chronically dysregulated nervous system.

  6. You struggle with self-doubt and need quick and easy tools to help boost self-love and compassion

What's included in the program?

Have a question? Schedule a free introductory call!

Weekly Zoom Meeting

(6) 75-minute private group meetings to practice skills-based mindbody tools, coaching activities, and peer support.

Private Coaching App

Follow along a private coaching app filled with weekly modules including easy-to-follow videos, practical guides, and healing worksheets.

Group Chat Assist

Ask questions within the Nudge App and get answers from coach Amari and support from your fellow Warrior team.

Bonus Healing Resources

Get a list of coach Amari's favorite podcasts, books, and webinars that helped her heal chronic pain, reduce stress, and improve self-love.

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About Amari Dior

Chronic Pain Coach

Amari has earned her certification in life coaching, health coaching, personal training, and Alan Gordon's Pain Reprocessing Therapy Training. She also holds a B.S. in Kinesiology and diplomas in naturopathy and inflammation. She became passionate about holistically healing chronic pain when a wall came crashing on her body in 2017. Frustrated with chronic pain and the disappointment of temporary and partial relief, Amari decided to continue her studies to find the answer to what was preventing her recovery.


After three years of working in physical therapy clinics, she realized that an extended level of care was needed to help those dealing with chronic pain combat fear and proactively address pain triggers. As a result, she spent years studying holistic methods to manage and relieve pain. The most effective ways she found to heal her pain were mindfulness techniques to reset the nervous system, stress management, self-reflective coaching to identify triggers, and somatic tracking to create safe neural pathways. Her coaching methods are inspired by the work of Dr. John E Sarno, Alan Gordon, Dr. Schechter, Dr. Schubiner, and many more!

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