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The Masterclass to Reversing Chronic Pain

A two-part group coaching program for chronic pain Warriors to build resilience against pain, self-doubt, and overwhelm to reach goals and improve well-being in the new year.

You've been trying to heal all year long, and didn't reach the goals you hoped for...

Are you a chronic pain warrior frustrated with where you are at the end of this year? Do you still have goals that you wish you could've reached this year? Are you looking for more hope and momentum to build resilience against pain, self-doubt, and overwhelm? 

Our End of Year Resilience Workshop is just for you! A two-part group coaching program designed to help chronic pain warriors avoid burnout, reduce hypervigilance, celebrate their wins and face losses, and, more importantly, align with purpose-centered goals for the new year. 

This program offers more than just guidance. It's an experience that gives you sustainable skills to apply well beyond this moment while providing peer support, encouragement, and accountability. 

Your healing journey may have been challenging this year, but Body Amor Wellness believes in helping you build resilience for better years ahead. 2023 won't just be a year that you solely survive the pain. Instead, it will be a year with more fulfillment, joy, growth, and less pain and anxiety. 

Join us before space runs out—we only have ten spots, so hurry up before they're all filled! Don't miss out on a unique chance to not just welcome 2023 but walk into it stronger than ever before.

Workshop Dates

Resilience Workshop Part 1:

Mon, December 19, 2022 at 5 pm PST

Resilience Workshop Part 2:

Mon, December 26, 2022 at 5 pm PST

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"This program taught me the importance of tending to my own needs without feeling guilty for it. Now I know how to pay attention to my body's signals before reaching emotional burnout." 

-LaRhonda S.
(Chronic Pain Community Gathering)

Program Features

Active Senior Couple

Part 1:
Boosting Resilience to Stress, Burnout, and Hypervigilance

Focus on setting boundaries, disarming hypervigilance, and creating space for self care. When it comes to stress, understanding your limits is essential; this workshop will help you break through the barrier that keeps your zen at bay. You’ll also learn techniques to reduce chronic pain while continuing your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Part 2:
Overcoming Self-Doubt, Addressing Wins and Losses, and Reaching Goals

We dive deeper into goal setting and positive thinking patterns so that you can effectively prepare for 2023 challenges. With an emphasis on reflecting on personal wins and losses, you’ll gain invaluable insight on building confidence and self-worth which will increase your resilience throughout next year. 

Is this program for me?

By participating in our End of Year Resilience Workshop you’ll become empowered with the skills needed to navigate all that life throws your way without sacrificing your well-being. Through our comprehensive curriculum designed by an expert in the field, we give you permission to be realigned with purpose at a physically and emotionally manageable pace — don’t miss out! Register today!

---- or---

Are you ready to unlock cures for your chronic pain? You’ve been living with chronic pain in your body or mind for far too long. You know it’s time to invest in yourself and break the cycle of suffering. Our Chronic Pain Masterclass is just what you need. 


In this 3-part masterclass lead by experts, you will learn effective and science-proven methods to reversing chronic mind-body symptoms like migranes, fibromyalgia, unexplained pelvic pain, chronic back pain, neck pain, IBS, and more. This noninvasive approach can help you reverse neuroplastic pain and learn how to break the treacherous pain-fear cycle of chronic pain. Don’t suffer any longer—take charge of your health and wellbeing now! 


Say yes to a better life by investing in our on-demand masterclass for only $249. Unlock the secrets of a happy and healthy life without having to rely on medication or invasive treatments! Through this program, you will have access to real information that works—empower yourself now with knowledge that will change your life forever!

On a Video Call

Live Workshops

  • Two 90-minute group  coaching sessions via Zoom with replay access. 

(First meeting starts Monday, December 19th at 5 pm PST!)

Person Participating in Video Call

Peer Support

  • Private group chat available to celebrate wins, ask questions, and stay accountable for your progress!

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  • Suggested neuroscience education

  • Personal growth and goal planning exercises

What's included?

Presented by Amari Dior,
Founder & Chronic Pain Coach at Body Amor Wellness.

A fellow chronic pain warrior and life coach with an educational background in kinesiology, naturopathy, and Alan Gordon's Pain Reprocessing Therapy Training. Amari is dedicated to helping the chronic pain community learn about cutting-edge pain science in a simple, tangible, empowering and caring manner. 


Amari teaches easy-to-use mind-body techniques to reset the nervous system, along with coaching tools to identify pain triggers and adopt healthy coping methods to break the chronic pain & fear cycle.

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