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How to Prioritize Self-Care for Chronic Pain

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

If I got a dollar every time someone said "I just don't have the time to practice self-care," I'd be rich... Well, maybe not exactly rich, but I could definitely be sitting pretty on one of those expensive, comfortable Cloud couches getting a foot rub from one of those fancy, portable, Shiatsu massager machines!

Anyway, back to the point, let's talk about reprioritizing your schedule to put your health and wellbeing first, before anything else. And yes, that includes the needs of others, at work or at home! Keep reading along to get 3 tips to get you started today!

Saying "I don't have time" can mean many things, especially when it comes down to practicing self-care. Ultimately, we make time for the things that are a present priority in our lives. Unfortunately, preventative health and our future wellbeing doesn't always get ranked high in our to-do list. Here a few mindset changes that will help you make self-care a priority daily, so that you feel better now and in the future!

1. Giving Time to Gets You Time

Relaxation allows the mind and body to slow down and repair from daily triggers, stress, and burnout. Tasks from our work, home, and social lives can seem daunting and too overwhelming to stop and relax. However, when we give our brains time to relax, we are giving the brain energy to do a better job at finishing the tasks at hand.

Relaxation techniques can help improve mood, memory, and energy levels, while decreasing stress and flare-ups. Giving a little time to practice self-care can produce an even bigger reward by producing more energy and good mood to become efficient in the work that needs to be done. Click here to download a FREE Pain Management Guide with Relaxation Techniques!

2. You Are Worth The Time

Weirdly, sometimes chronic pain can cause us to think that we don't deserve to practice self-care. It can especially do this when having a mind-frame that reflects on our past abilities and responsibilities versus now. But, let me say right here and now, throw that mindset right in the garbage! You ARE worth the time! Are you not convinced yet? Let's dive deeper.

Chronic pain and illness can affect mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. These negative effects can lower self-esteem and result in Warriors feeling unworthy of love, care, and ultimately, not taking time out of the day to practice self-care.

Frankly, diagnoses like chronic pain, illness, or stress include symptoms of fatigue and low energy. So using relaxation techniques to help build energy levels will help accomplish more tasks, improve mood, increase resistance to daily triggers throughout the day, and boost self-worth!

3. You Are Your Best Cheerleader

The best person to look out for you is you. No one can read your mind or fully understand the battle you face with chronic pain, illness, or stress. Therefore, when your mind and body need a rest, it is ultimately up to you to listen. You are the only person that feels your triggers, pain, and knows when you have passed your limitations.

So when you feel like you are on the brink of overdoing it and may experience a flare-up, be your biggest cheerleader. Support yourself by providing self-care when needed. If you feel like you truly don't have much time to do so, here are some tips:

  1. Schedule time at the beginning of your day to practice self-care

  2. Practice self-care in the morning and evening after a long day.

  3. (opt to #2) Separate your self-care activity into small intervals to fit into your hectic schedule. Ie 5 minutes before your meeting, 10 minutes during lunch, and 5 minutes after a tough task.

  4. Communicate with others to set healthy boundaries

  5. Commit to your scheduled self-care activity daily as if it were an important meeting.

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